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Either as a school trip, end of year visit or just a mid-week treat for those exceptional students! Whether you would like to bring in a small class or an entire year group! Prices and even private hire can all be discussed.


No group is too small, children and teachers alike will love the opportunity to use all of our facilities exclusively at their leisure. So for a lesson with a twist or a school trip that will put a spring in their step and a smile on their face.

Enquire now via email:

A member of our management team will reply to your request at their earliest convenience.


  • Only Launch yourself when a court monitor instructs you to do so
  • Never Launch onto the air bag or into the foam pit head first
  • Only one person per Launch trampoline/pad
  • Exit the landing zone as quickly as possible to allow the next person to Launch
  • Although this is a safe zone it is important not to attempt anything beyond your skill level
  • Do not hide under the foam
  • Land safely at all times either on your feet, bum or back

Remove all loose items and jewellery before Launching