‘Family Hour’ is a chance for the whole family to experience the fun of Base Jump as there are no minimum age restrictions.


Certain areas of the park will be classified as ‘Junior Zones’ allowing the younger children to gain their confidence. All we require is that there is one participating paying adult to a maximum of 3 children and at least 1 child per booking.


  • This is the busiest area of the park so take extra care to ensure your own safety as well as others.
  • One person per trampoline at all times including walls and longer trampolines.
  • Do not attempt anything out of your skill level. (If your brand new to the trampolines keep the flips to the Launch Arena!)
  • Court monitors will enforce safety so listen and adhere to them at all times.
  • A court monitor may ask you to leave the area or stop doing something in particular. Their word is final.
  • No mobile phones to be taken onto the Arena.
  • Do not sit or lie down anywhere on the Arena.