Get Ready
For Lift Off

Our launch arena is the place to throw out some awesome moves as you rocket into the air launched from one of eight trampolines. Whether you launch straight up from ground level, use the launch pads to get extra height or jump straight in from our two Base Jump platforms you’ll have loads of fun.

Jump High
Land Soft

Within the launch arena there are two different landing options: Soar through the air into our 4ft deep soft foam pit or take a leap of faith onto our giant air bag which will cushion your drop from the air! The launch arena is the safest and best place to practice so what are you waiting for? Its launch time!


  • Only Launch yourself when a court monitor instructs you to do so
  • Never Launch onto the air bag or into the foam pit head first
  • Only one person per Launch trampoline/pad
  • Exit the landing zone as quickly as possible to allow the next person to Launch
  • Although this is a safe zone it is important not to attempt anything beyond your skill level
  • Do not hide under the foam
  • Land safely at all times either on your bum or back

Remove all loose items and jewellery before Launching