Fit and Fun

Bounce Fit is the BRAND NEW exclusive exercise program brought to you by Base Jump, The UK’s Ultimate Trampoline Park. It’s a unique and extremely fun method of not only burning fat and getting fit, but to also have some serious fun!

Bounce Fit

Bounce Fit is a full on party style workout. With up beat music and disco lights it really is the workout for those who want to get fit and party at the same time. Bounce Fit is designed to not only burn body fat but to tone the whole body whilst having some serious fun.

Box Bounce

Combining the effective fat burning methods of the trampoline with boxing results in a serious workout. By taking part in a Box Bounce class you will push both your cardiovascular system as well as your muscle to the maximum. Box Bounce is designed to burn maximum amount of calories as well as using the resistance of the trampoline to tone those legs and bum muscles.

HIIT Bounce

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training is the most efficient effective form of training to increase fitness, burn fat and improve muscle definition. It consists of intense bursts of exercises followed by periods of active recovery allowing you to get the most out of the session and burn maximum amount of Calories.